Gavin is the world's first risk-sharing service.
We're turning insurance upside down.

Same coverage. Better service. Half the price.

How you benefit

Same coverage.

At Gavin, you're protected against damage, theft, and other inconveniences just like with traditional insurers. But our terms are short and clear.

Better service.

Gavin is mobile and fast. You can connect to our service in 30 secs, file a claim in 15 secs, and cancel everything in 3 secs. And we're available 24 hours a day. It couldn't get any easier.

Half the price.

Gavin is up to 50% cheaper, month after month. And some months you might not pay anything at all due to our revolutionary system. It couldn't get any cheaper.

How it works

At Gavin, you only pay if there are claims. At traditional insurance companies you pay a fixed monthly premium up-front. But at Gavin, we simply divide the total cost of all the claims per month among all Gavin users. Even so, you will never pay more than your maximum contribution. On average, your contribution is about half of what you would pay with traditional insurance. If there's a month with no claims, you won't have to pay at all.

Only pay for claims

Every month, Gavin divides the actual claim amounts among the total group. This way everybody pays a small part of the total damages.

Variable monthly amount

Your monthly payment is based on the actual claims and will vary from month to month. It will never be more than your maximum contribution. Most of the time, you'll pay less. And if there are no claims, you won't pay anything at all.

Fast processing

Claims will be processed quickly and valid claims will be paid out within a month. In exceptional cases, a claim could be paid out in several installments.

Transparent and fair

Unlike traditional insurance companies, we like to settle claims. We charge a small fee of 15% on the total claim amount. There are no hidden fees or masked profits.


Welcome to Gavin. Gavin is the world’s first risk-sharing service, we are not a traditional insurance company. We started Gavin because we believe that insuring can be different: better, simpler, cheaper. Better because current insurance practices have not evolved with the times and are illogical. We think it’s strange that you pay a fixed amount every month for your insurance to cover something that might not happen. This results in unnecessary charges for you and an unfair profit for insurance companies. Simpler because the customer should be the focal point with an insurance, not the insurer. We’ve reviewed and redesigned the entire insurance model to optimise your user experience, without being limited by complicated existing processes and systems. Cheaper because insurances can be cheaper. Our risk-sharing service covers your claims, nothing more nothing less. We do not have a large office building, big bonuses, or complex processes. It’s only our technology platform that’s built so users can operate it themselves. This results in you saving money every month.

How does it work?

Gavin collects all the claims in a month and divides them among the group. And if you have damage, everybody in the group contributes a little. And if someone else has damage you contribute your little bit to that. This way every month all the claims will be divided fairly among everybody. Of course you never pay more than your monthly maximum contribution.

Do you have all the necessary licenses?

Of course! We have the required licenses from the AFM to offer our services. We are also a member of Kifid, the Dutch Consumer Complaints Orginisation for Financial Services.

How is it possible that you are so cheap?

There are a number of reasons for that. To make a long story short, it is mainly because our company is very efficient. People connect to our services, aided by technology and without large intermediairies. This keeps are costs much lower than traditional insurance companies. We are also not hindered by old existing processes, large offices or big bonuses. All those factors combined means less expenses and cheaper products, for you.

Why do I pay my monthly contribition afterwards?

At Gavin we collect and add up all the claims that occured at the end of the month. With that we calculate your personal contribution for that month. This way you don't pay a fixed amount beforehand but only what is needed for actual claims afterwards. Naturally, you will never pay more that your personal maximum amount. And if there are no claims then you pay nothing at all.

Who is Gavin?

Unfortunately we don't have a Gavin on our payroll (yet) and it is not the name of our founder. The name is derived from General Average in combination with Innovated. G, a, and v are derived from General Average, an old Maritime Law principle. This principle governs that all parties involved in a shipping expedition share equally in all damages. I and n are for innovated, because we protect your goods in an innovative way. Together this makes up Gavin.

How does Gavin make money?

We've kept it as simple as possible. We only charge 15% of the total claim amount. That is all. So there are no hidden expenses or profits.

How can I change the details of my product?

For the moment you can only change your products by ending them first and then getting a new one with the updated information. Ending a product is simple and can be done from the information tab on your dashboard.

What is the IMEI-number of my phone?

An IMEI-numbers is the unique serial number of your mobile phone. It consists of 15 numbers and starts with 3-5, 0-1-2 or 0-1-3. You can find your IMEI number by dialing *#06#* on your phone. The number will appear in your display.

When are payments withdrawn?

Your monthly contributions will usually be withdrawn around the 5th workday of the month.

No payment was withdrawn this month, am I still covered?

At Gavin we collect and add up all the claims that occured at the end of the month. With that we calculate your personal contribution for that month. Naturally, you will never pay more that your personal maximum amount. And if there are no claims then you pay nothing at all. But you'll still be covered.

What is the end date of my coverage?

Your coverage does not have an end date. It is possible to end your coverage. This is easily done in the dashboard. If you cancel before the end of the month we will charge you your maximum contribution for that month. So it is best to cancel the last day of the month.

Where can I file a claim?

You can file a claim from the Claim-tab on your dashboard. We will process your claim immediately. The dashboard will also show you in real-time the status of your claim.

What can I claim?

Depending on the product you can claim damages and/or theft. In case of damages the claim is the total amount of the damage and in case of theft it is the selling price or the current market value. Our Phone product covers both theft and damages. The same goes for Travel. Our Bike product only covers theft.

How long does it take to process a claim?

We process every claim directly. If necessary we will contact you for additional information. We will do this within 24 hours after you files your claim on our site.

Why is my claim rejected?

If your claim is rejected we will always give you the reason why. If you still have a question then you can contact us at + 31 20 2101330.

How do I pay?

At Gavin we have two payment methods in The Netherlands: iDeal and credit card. Your monthly contribution will automatically be deducted every month using your selected payment method.

When will my claim be paid out?

When your claim has been approved, we will process your payment at the start of the following month.

Why am I paid out in installments?

In exceptional cases it can happen that your total claim amount will be paid out in two or three installments. This might happen if the total claims amount exceeds the total contributions of that month. In that case we will pay you in several installments.

When do I not get paid out the full claim amount?

If we cannot pay out the total claim amount in three terms, a possible remaining amount after the third term will be dropped. That is the consequence of our innovative system. There is a very small chance that this will happen but we want to be honest and open about it.

Which products do you have?

At the moment we have Phone, Bike and Travel products. We are continuously developing new product. So keep an eye out on our site or subscribe to our newsletter. You can also always mail us about new products that you are interested in.

Where are Gavin's headquarters?

Our headquarters are in The Netherlands. The address is Tussen de Bogen 6, 1013 JB, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. For questions you can look on our site or call us at +31 20 2101340.

What is risk-sharing?

We call protection through our system risk-sharing. Risks are shared among multiple people. This makes our excellent coverage simpler and cheaper.

Can I come and work for you?

We are always looking for talented new people. See our vacancies for specific roles. By the way, your chances are slightly higher if your name is Gavin.